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leaf guard inc.

189 Marble Ave, Pleasantville, NY 10570

How does the Leafguard gutter work?

Liquid adhesion is the scientific principle behind Leafguard's unique design.Molecular attraction causes water molecules to adhere to the surface they rest on, in this case the Leafguard hood. Rainwater clings to the hood and falls into the gutter trough, while leaves and debris are deflected. It's that simple!

How sturdy is the Leafguard gutter? What is it constructed of?

Very sturdy. Our company only uses high quality .032 gauge aluminum from Reynolds. This gauge is approximately 20% thicker than the thickest conventional gutter. Also, Leafguard gutters are installed using internal hanging brackets that are screwed into the fascia board every two feet. We've eliminated the use of spikes, which tend to easily pull out of the fascia under the weight of debris, ice and snow.

How does it work in a heavy rain?

Leafguard has been laboratory tested in a simulated 21 inch per hour rainfall. It will do anything any conventional gutter system would do - accept clog.

In a heavy rain the water will just slide right off the gutter, won't it?

No. Leafguard will collect rainwater in a heavy rain just as it does in a light rain. The speed or volume of rain has to affect on the liquid adhesion principle of the system.

My roof is too steep - I'm sure it won't work on my house!

Leafguard works great no matter what the pitch of the roof. In fact, the steeper the roof, the better the performance.

What lengths does it come in?

 The system is custom made seamlessly onsite at your home. We make sure each piece is made perfectly to fit every section of your home. We can make lengths 100+ feet seamlessly using .032 heavy gauge aluminum in over 20+ colors.

How much does Leafguard cost in comparison to regular open top gutters?

Leafguard does cost slightly more than conventional gutters. However, the time, expense, and headache of cleaning your gutters are eliminated forever! It can't hurt to get a free estimate! There is absolutely no obligation.

What is the Leafguard guarantee?

Leafguard is guaranteed not to clog with leaves, pine needles, or any organic debris for as long as you own your home. In addition the baked enamel paint finish is guaranteed by Reynolds not to chip, peel, or crack for twenty years! These guarantees can even be transferred to the next homeowner by contacting our office!

How do we know your company will maintain the guarantee?

Our company, All State LeafGuard, Inc has provided Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Fairfield counties with quality workmanship for the past 24 years under the same ownership. We have completed thousands upon thousands of homes, and can provide numerous outstanding references within your immediate area. Your neighbors may even have installed LeafGuard on their homes.

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